7 thoughts on “Easter Message 2020

  1. Bet Hunter

    Happy Easter to you and yours, Jim, and heartfelt thanks for this wonderful message! Thank you for posting it, Bet Hunter

  2. John Warner

    I love the thought that we need Jesus in our Galilee or where we live and work. We need to return to a new normal that is much fuller of His love in our daily lives. I agree we need Jesus much more on both sides of the grave.

  3. Cynthia J Roe

    Thank you, Jim, for this message of empty tomb hope. Great seeing you preach.

    “Mary!” “Rabboni!” He has risen indeed.

  4. Kristyn Stillwell

    Great words of encouragement in this different time. Praying with you that our new normal is better!

    Keep up encouraging and making a difference.

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