The Abundant Love of Jesus

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.   (John 10:10)

Our life doesn’t feel abundant right now. Some people have lost a loved one, sometimes without being able to express their love or gratitude, and even sometimes without having a proper funeral. Some have lost their business, work, savings, or health care. Some are becoming depressed or anxious. Some while looking for any distraction, have fallen back into the behaviors that aren’t beneficial. Some couples are struggling being under the same roof, negotiating the same space. Many college kids are home from school, feeling constrained by the household rules and worried about their futures. Many parents are working hard to home-school their kids, but that becomes difficult when the kids are studying things the parents never did. And who doesn’t miss the routines that we often just took for granted, but which gave us some comfort and control—getting groceries without worrying, getting a haircut, going to our favorite coffee shop or restaurant.

Given that this isn’t an abundant time, what sense or hope or blessing could we possibly receive from today’s scripture? What’s the abundance that Jesus can give us during this season of deprivation, loss, and scarcity?

If we think about Jesus’ abundance in outward and tangible things, then I fear He may not offer us much. Jesus isn’t a heavenly vending machine, where we can deposit our little prayer, pull a lever, and then He delivers the wanted product.
So, if Jesus doesn’t deliver what we want, what good is He? Simply put, Jesus gives us the abundance of what our minds, hearts, and souls most require to keep on managing, loving, and living during these trying times.

What do we need from Him? Courage. Patience. Stamina. Peace. Resolve. Resilience. Strength. Comfort. Wisdom. Maturity. Hope.

If we try to self-generate all of the qualities I just listed, we will fall short, run out, hit the wall, and become desperate with our draining resources and abilities.  But when we lean into Jesus and draw from the abundance of His love—a love without end or limit—we will be given the hope we need to face, and to prevail, over whatever life, or this virus, may present to us.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Does your life feel drained or emptied right now? Are you trying to fill up with things or activities that aren’t very helpful?  If so, what would help you to stop?
  1. What does your mind, heart, and soul need from Jesus to help you right now?
  1. If you more often remembered the abundant love Jesus has for you, would how you are currently coping and managing change?

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