The Loving Embrace of God’s Arms

“… and a little child shall lead them.”   ( Isaiah 11:6)

Maxwell and Finnegan, who are two years old, have known each other for about a year. They live in New York City where they attend a dance class and play tennis with gear put together by their fathers.

Their joy when they are together is infectious and a genuinely blessed time of happiness.

One thought on “The Loving Embrace of God’s Arms

  1. Tang Watson

    This is so kindle reminds me of how I think Wade Watson rip,and I, Tang Watson, could come together one day.Im not putting me on his level or him on mines.We have our differences. He loved Trump, I don’t.We met a couple times back in St.Joe, when we were both adults.He spent half of our conversation talking about him and his beloved daughter Beth, I spent the other half talking about me and my boys.We found the time to listen at each other and smiled and laughed at what the other said.We liked each other.We later became FB friends and started to communicate with each other.I loved hearing his comments on what I said and what he said and thought, even tho sometimes we had different opinions.What I liked mostly about him and his opinions was, they were honest and he stood behind them, we could build a relationship from that honesty.I was looking forward to some day meeting up with him and talking and doing something,going to a sporting events or just driving along the old countryside and laughing and talking.I know he would say what’s on his mind and so would I.I know some of our conversation would be real talk and uncomfortable, but honest and necessary.Neither of us are thin skinned.Not sure we would embrace like the two young boys did, but I think we would embrace before we finish.

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