Sharing Our God Moments

The apostles gathered around Jesus, and told him all they had done and taught.   (Mk. 6:30)

I was new at the church.  All the anxieties about getting started were getting worked into the board meetings, which were dreadful.    Too many items to consider—which dulls the ability to think.   Too much fear around money—often makes the giving shrink.  Too much concern over those who were unhappy—tends to reward crankiness.  Too much worry over changes in the services—which usually invites more scrutiny.

On the morning before yet another dreaded board meeting, I read today’s scripture.  Jesus had sent out the disciples to spread the work of the Kingdom.  When they returned, they couldn’t wait to share their stories about how God had been working in and through their words and actions.

Reading and praying about this reunion with Jesus and the disciples planted a seed.  I decided to start that night’s meeting by inviting everyone to share a God Moment—a moment when they felt or heard or sensed God at work in their lives.

That night I read the story of Jesus and the disciples.  I talked about the excitement the disciples had as they shared their God Moments with Jesus and the excitement Jesus had in listening.  I then asked the board members to do the same.

At first, they looked at me as though I’d lost my mind.  But then one brave woman shared a story.  Then someone else did the same.  Both of their God Moments were tender and real and moving.  In time, everyone did.  It was an amazing session.   There were a few tears.  Much laughter.  We spent an hour sharing our stories before we even looked at the agenda.

We decided to start every board meeting sharing God Moments—just like the disciples did with Jesus.  In six months, the mood and climate of those meetings had completely changed; and that change began to spill out and impact the whole community.

Today’s encouragement is simple:  Let’s share our God Moments with each other.  In church.  At home.  Wherever we are.  Amazing things happen when we share the amazing things Jesus is doing in our lives.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are your God Moments? When have you felt or heard or sensed God at work in your life?
  1. Have you ever shared a God Moment with someone else? If so, did it change the relationship?  If not, how come?
  1. When we share our God Moments, the focus isn’t, of course, on us but upon God. Why would you ever be shy or reticent about sharing how God has been at work in your life?

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