The Gifts God Has Given Us

“From everyone to whom much is given, much will be required…” (Luke 12:48)

I’ll never forget the moment when today’s scripture first spoke to me.  Instead of reading the words on a page, it was like the words were coming off the page to confront me.

On that evening, I knew I was supposed to use this scripture message as a touchstone for all I would subsequently say and do.  As I have tried to live into the challenge of these words for the last forty years, I’ve come to believe that every disciple of Jesus needs to wrestle with them.

From everyone to whom much is given—what might these words be saying to us?  What have we been given?  Or, let me ask this question in another way: Is there anything in our life that isn’t a gift?

Every day, every breath, every step—all gifts.  Our skills, abilities, and intelligence—are all gifts.  Those who brought us into the world, our spouse, our children, our family, and friends—all gifts.  Our teachers, mentors, coaches, and all those who helped, guided, and supported us—are all gifts.  Our work, experiences, and opportunities—gifts, gifts, gifts.

And because we’ve been given so much, much is required and expected.  We haven’t been given these gifts merely to use or neglect as suits us.  Those gifts come with expectations. We’ve been given those gifts to leave this world a better place than we found it.

What’s required of us?   That we honor God as the Lord of our life.  That we share the love and grace of Jesus with others. That we give dignity and respect to every human being.  That we work for justice and peace, fairness and kindness, decency and civility.  That we confront racism and prejudice, meanness and abuse.  That we go to battle against the forces of darkness as warriors of light.

I encourage us to know and celebrate all the gifts God has given us.  I also encourage us to accept and live into the great expectations God has on our life to use those gifts for the good of all.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the gifts God has given to you? Have you been thankful for them?
  1. What have you done with the gifts God has showered on you? Do you understand and accept that God has given them to you for a reason and purpose?
  1. With the days that you have left, what do you plan on doing with the gifts God has given to you? How do you think God would like you to use them, share them, and invest them?


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