Love Matters Above All Else

Jesus said, ‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…’  (Matt. 6:19-20)

The funeral director and I were exhausted.  We’d just finished a strenuous and complicated funeral.  The children of the deceased woman had frequently needed our help to arbitrate through their messy family dynamics. Their mother had used her enormous wealth to manipulate them, and they had followed her example.

The funeral took place on an island off the Maine coast.  The reception immediately followed the service, and it was a miserable event.  The funeral director and I soon left that frosty occasion and drove to the dock to catch a ferry to the mainland.

Standing there together, he asked, “Father, ever notice what’s missing on a hearse?”  I said, “Walker, I don’t have the energy to figure it out.  Just tell me.”

He said, “There ain’t no luggage rack on one of these.”

That sad family had stored up all of their treasures—their money, houses, and properties—on this earth.  Although moth and rust didn’t destroy their stuff, their manipulations over their stuff had bankrupted their family life.

Jesus tells us to store our treasures in heaven.  What’s the greatest treasure in heaven?  Love, of course.

We ought to know that love matters above all else.  Given that we were made for love by the Father and saved by love through Jesus, it should be obvious that love is the most valuable currency in heaven.

When Walker pointed out that hearses don’t have luggage racks, he was saying that we can’t take any of our earthly stuff into the next life.  What we can take is the joy of the love we’ve given and the joy of the love we’ve received.

Jesus encourages us to not store up our treasures here on earth but in heaven.  Given that love is the most valuable commodity in heaven, and given that love is also the most valuable currency on earth, the more we invest in love and receive love, the more we will be rich both in this life and in the next.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What do you most treasure? Where are your treasures stored? Where are you most invested?
  1. I’ve known many people who didn’t know how much they loved someone else until they had lost them. How well do you nurture your most important relationships?
  1. What would it mean for you to “store up your treasures in heaven”? How rich are you in the things that most matter?


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