Jesus — Refills Your Heart, Renews Your Dreams

When the wine gave out, the mother of Jesus said to him, ‘They have no wine.’ (John 2:3)

A few years ago, Lucy and I traveled to the Holy Land with twenty other pilgrims. During our day in Cana, we decided to renew our wedding vows.  On the morning before the ceremony, I thought about a number of things.

First, I thought about Jesus saving the wedding feast, and perhaps even the marriage, of that couple long ago when He transformed the water into the best wine that has ever been served.

Second, I thought about how the wine had given out in my first marriage.  It wasn’t for lack of trying, either on her part or mine.  We gave it our best for decades.  We did so for our children and also because we said to God, each other, and the whole community that we would be together until “death do us part.”  But death had come to that relationship even though we still breathed. Getting divorced was simply telling the truth—a death had occurred, and a funeral needed to happen.

Third, I thought about my great thanksgiving that Lucy and I were there together.  I was so grateful for another chance to love someone in the feast called marriage; so grateful for her and the love that we’re so blessed to share.

Fourth, I thought about what I’d learned from the death of the first marriage to the resurrection of the second.  Every married couple needs to renew their vows every day.  Although couples don’t need to go to Cana to renew their vows, they do need to bring the hope of Cana into their daily life.

What else had I learned about making a marriage work? Don’t take each other for granted.  Forgive continuously. Learn how your sweetheart best feels loved, and love her like that.  Learn how you best feel loved and ask for it.  After God, make your spouse your second most important relationship and don’t let anyone distract or anything usurp.

The Wedding Feast of Cana has never ended.  Sometimes Jesus’ wedding blessing keeps a marriage brimming from the beginning.  Sometimes His blessing refills and saves a marriage that’s running out of love and hope.  And sometimes His blessing comes through a second chance at love and marriage so that hearts that had once died can be raised up.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Has the wine—that is, the hope, joy, love, or meaning—ever run out in your life? If so, when?  How come?  How did you respond?
  1. When have you felt like Jesus refilled your heart, refueled your hope, or renewed your dreams?
  1. Do you have any important endeavor, commitment, or relationship that feels like it could be running dry right now? How might you need Jesus to perform a Cana-miracle in your life?


One thought on “Jesus — Refills Your Heart, Renews Your Dreams

  1. HelenReynolds

    This sermon comes at a special time in Al’s and my life. Yesterday we celebrated our 67th wedding anniversary. We have been reminiscing about our fortunate time together. How we have always been able to talk things over and agree on important decisions.
    I am sur there have been times when we took each other for granted but the love lasted. Now we are so grateful to share the the old age part of this journey called life.
    I appreciated you sharing your experience.
    Love, Helen

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