Making the Most of Our Days

Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of the time…   (Ephesians 5:15)

I believe in everlasting life. I also believe we need to honor this life. We will honor this life when we are, as Paul says, “making the most of this time.”

I’ve been with many people who are leaving this life. I’ve heard people talk about their lives with gratitude and joy and with remorse and regret.

The deepest regrets came from folks who felt like they didn’t really live their life. They didn’t really give themselves to anyone or anything; never attempted to do anything great or important; treated this life like an imposition or burden. I’ve seen people lose years, decades, even their whole life by not making the most of their time.

For some people, making the most of their life will mean doing something, almost anything, because they are merely spectators and not actors. For others, making the most of their time will mean doing less. They are so frantically scurrying around that they never figure out their true identity or purpose. If you are to make more of your life, do you need to do more or less?

If we are to make the most of our days, we need to recognize how fragile life is, how vulnerable we are, and how no one has any guarantee on how long we’re going to be here.

The best example of someone who made the most of their days was Jesus. Even though He had a short life, He made more difference than anyone ever has. Jesus made the most of His days, and He wants us to make the most of ours. This life is a gift. Jesus wants us to unwrap the gift, use the gift, and present the gift back to God in gratitude and praise.

Because Jesus can teach more about how to make the “most of our days,” I encourage us to spend part of every day with Him. He will teach us how to best use our time, abilities, minds, and hearts. He’s a great model and teacher. Jesus made the most of His life, and He can help us to make the most of ours.

Reflection Questions:

  1. I haven’t always made the most of my time. I have sometimes wasted a lot of time on resentment, fear, worry, anxiety, or beating myself up over something. Have you ever wasted some of your life?
  1. How do you think Jesus could help you to use your time more responsibly, faithfully, and joyfully?
  1. What do you need to do more to make the most of your days? What do you need to do less of?

2 thoughts on “Making the Most of Our Days

  1. John Madison

    Jim, thank you so much for this loving reminder. I spent much of my life making mistakes from the fear of making mistakes and failing. Now I have fewer years before me than behind me, and the temptation to to say “it’s too late” sometimes nags at me. But when I remember that I am still a child of God, paying attention to the knowledge that Jesus had of himself, knowing himself to be God’s child while facing the end, It gives me hope for the day. And that’s what I need to cling to, making the most of my time today…it certainly makes a difference. Thank you again for your beautiful post.

  2. Mike Armstrong

    “If I died today , what would my loved ones say at my funeral (truth vs spin ?)”

    Or, what might they say about me that I would be very proud of /humbled by?

    When I read obits, they seem to focus on titles, work accomplishments yet , devoid of service type of work/legacy pieces for the most part . Did I live parts of scripture or simply , memorize it ?

    We are all bestowed with gifts. Did we use them to advance his kingdom or , pleasure ourselves/seek worldly affirmation/toys ?

    When I work with middle aged men, I see so many who thought they could buy love and happiness and sadly, lost themselves through the process via addictions , affairs etc

    I believe we are all given a life review when we die , there will be no lawyer or PR firm there to spin,,,,,Just me and God

    Will I shield my eyes ,or , see a life of service and humility via admitting transgressions and trying to do better ?

    Free will

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