Jesus is With You Always

And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”   (Matthew 28:20)

In today’s scripture, Jesus says that He’s “always” going to be with us.

How does Jesus constantly being with you sound? If I consider Jesus always being with me, I feel both comforted and challenged. How about you?

Imagine some of the following scenarios. Do you always want Jesus in the car when someone cuts you off? Always want Jesus in the room when you’re making business deals? Always want Jesus in all of your thinking, reading, speaking, and watching? Always want Jesus around when you’re tempted to judge, gossip, give up, betray, stray, or walk away?

If I remembered that Jesus is always with me, my life would change. How about your life? Wouldn’t we be calmer, clearer, kinder, less distracted, less cranky, and less entitled?

If our lives would change for the better if we remembered that Jesus is always with us, what’s keeping us from such remembering? Whether or not we invite Jesus to be with us, He’s there. The only thing we’re in charge of is our recognition that Jesus is always there. Maybe it’s time to come to terms with reality—Jesus is with us always.

If we remembered that Jesus is always with us, just consider the power, peace, and blessings that would be ours. Those battles that we fight to be better people, more loving spouses, stronger disciples—well, we wouldn’t have to think we are fighting those battles by ourselves. Those late nights when we’re feeling all alone—well, we could remember and recognize that we aren’t. That sense of shame that can paralyze us—well, we could recall that Jesus is always extending His grace.

Today’s scripture is one of Jesus’ greatest promises to us. I encourage us to believe with the hope of receiving it?

Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the times and circumstances when having Jesus always with you is comforting and reassuring? And, what are the times and occasions when having Jesus always with you is disconcerting and challenging?
  1. If you more often remembered that you are never alone because Jesus is always with you, how would your life change?
  1. If you more often remembered that Jesus is always with other people, would you speak to them, look at them, or think about them, any differently?

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