Jesus — Our Encourager and Supporter

And there appeared to them Elijah and Moses, who were talking with Jesus.   (Mark 9:4)

It had been a difficult time. After Peter had proclaimed that Jesus was the Messiah, Jesus told the disciples that He had to suffer and die. When Peter tried to correct Jesus, Jesus rebuked Peter by saying he was acting like Satan. Things were very quiet in the camp for the next week. No one dared to talk. No one knew what to do.

Six days after these challenging revelations and harsh confrontations, Jesus takes Peter and James, and John to a “high mountain apart… [where]… he was transfigured before them, and his clothes became dazzling white, such as no one on earth could bleach them.” (Mark 9:2-8)

As Jesus stood in glory, Moses and Elijah appeared. Have you ever wondered why those two joined Jesus at this time?

I think Moses and Elijah were there to give Jesus encouragement and support. As soon as Jesus came down the mountain, He set off for Jerusalem, where He would face being betrayed, beaten, and crucified.

Even though Jesus was totally committed to His mission, no one could embark upon so much pain and loss and not feel some trepidation. So what I hear Moses and Elijah saying is something like this: “Jesus, God is depending upon you. We’re behind you. All of God’s children need you. We’re all counting on you to make the sacrifice that must be made and to do the work that no one else can do.”

As Jesus was heading towards death, He needed support. If Jesus needed support, who are we to think that we don’t?

Many people are better at giving help than accepting it. That’s pretty foolish, isn’t it? There’s no self-sufficiency in this life or in the Body of Christ.

I encourage us to be both humble enough and strong enough to ask for help. Jesus did. And He got it. So will we when we ask.

Let’s be like Jesus and ask for help when we need it. Let’s be like Jesus and give help when called upon.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Is it harder for you to give help than to accept it? If so, how come?
  1. Do you need some help right now? Are you strong enough and humble enough to ask for the help you need? What does that help look like?
  1. Here’s how help works. As we’re given a hand-up, we’re called to return that gift to someone else. You wouldn’t be where you are without help. Are you returning the gift of help to anyone?

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