Calling Upon the Lord Jesus

“On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.” (Ps. 138:3)

In today’s scripture, we read how God had “increased the strength of David’s soul.” What David received from God has inspired me to remember those people who have blessed me with their own strength of soul. Although they were very unique and distinct, they did share certain characteristics.

Those with the strength of soul had all known failure, loss, betrayal, or disappointment. They were strong because they knew that God’s grace had put them back together.

They may not have had buildings dedicated in their name, but their names were etched upon the hearts of those who knew and loved them.

They didn’t deny their mortality, humanity, or fallibility. As they owned up to their flawed and fallen condition, they threw themselves upon God’s mercy.

They didn’t walk around condemning or judging others. They gave judgment to God, and they also knew that most of us don’t need any more judgment.

They weren’t necessarily book-smart, but they were street, soul, and heart smart.

They may not have read a lot of books, but they did know how to read people, situations, and the needs of others.

They took some things very seriously—things like justice, fairness, kindness—but they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

They didn’t walk around looking for conflict, but they also weren’t afraid of it if God’s children were at risk. They weren’t on a series of crusades, but they were willing to fight against racism, prejudice, and inequality.

They didn’t whine about life, didn’t blame others for their mistakes, didn’t shirk their duties, and didn’t flinch from their challenges. They “stood tall” for the things that mattered because they knew that they didn’t stand alone.

If we want more strength of soul, I encourage us to spend time with those who have it. We need to soak up their wisdom and pray that their strong souls would spill and blend into our souls.

I would also encourage us to call upon the Lord, as David did. Those with the strength of soul bless all those who know them. As our own soul is made stronger, we’ll be blessing others. Strength of soul isn’t for us to keep but to share.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In your relationships, who has had the strength of soul? What characteristics did they have in common?
  1. What has strengthened your soul? What has weakened it?
  1. David called upon the Lord to strengthen his soul. How do you need to call upon the Lord to strengthen yours? What strength do you need from God to lean into your own challenges?

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