The Path Jesus Has Given to Us

“When Jesus realized that they were about to come and take him by force to make him a king, he withdrew again to the mountain by himself.”   (John 6:15)

In today’s passage, the crowd wanted to draft, even force, Jesus into becoming their king. But Jesus wouldn’t be drafted or forced.

Although many people thought they had a better plan for Jesus than the one He embarked upon, He didn’t allow anyone to sway Him. He was resolute and unwavering because God’s call upon His life was stronger than any other voice.

Jesus could’ve done anything with His life. He could’ve been a fabulous political leader. He could’ve been an invincible military commander. He could’ve been an awesome miracle worker. He could’ve been the wisest teacher who ever lived. He could’ve done all of the above and so much more, but He didn’t. He didn’t allow anyone other than God to influence His life or dictate His mission.

We need to thank Jesus for refusing to be drafted by anyone else’s plans or desires. Just imagine what we would have lost if Jesus had lived into any plan other than God’s. If Jesus wasn’t born flesh of our flesh, our flesh couldn’t be redeemed. If Jesus didn’t go to the cross, we couldn’t be reconciled to God. If Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead, we would have no hope for eternal life.

Jesus accomplished His mission by not allowing anyone or anything to draft, deter, or distract Him away from God’s call.

How about us? Have we allowed anyone or anything to take us away from God’s mission for our lives and for His kingdom? If so, I encourage us to follow Jesus’ example, which never wavered from God’s call upon His life.

We are disciples. Disciples are followers of the path that Jesus has given to us and the example that He has left for us.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you know God’s mission for your life? Do you know why He gave you life, why He sent Jesus to die for you, why the Holy Spirit has been given to you? If not, have you asked God to reveal His purpose for you?
  1. If indeed you do know God’s mission for your life, are you living into it? If not, who or what has swayed you away from it?
  1. Sometimes, the mission God has for us changes or shifts during our life. That has certainly been true for me. Has God’s mission changed for you? Could God now be calling you into a different or bigger mission? Are you listening?

2 thoughts on “The Path Jesus Has Given to Us

  1. John Madison

    Such a powerful post, Jim. Thank you. Yes, I for one have experienced God’s change for me. We never know how God will use us; we’re always surprised by the turns of live. But I hope to always be aware and thankful for how I can be used to bless. Also, I wish to thank you for how your posts always focus on Jesus. I remember your sermons always having the words and deeds of Jesus as their core. Blessings! John

  2. Hal Gordon

    So God’s mission for us can change during our lives? That is something that has never occurred to me. Thanks for sharing.

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