Jesus is at Our Side

“If the anger of the ruler rises against you, do not leave your post, for calmness will undo great offenses.” (Ecclesiastes 10:4)

Today’s scripture can directly apply to our lives. In the first line, instead of reading “ruler,” substitute the important people in your life. So, if your spouse or kids or boss or employees or colleagues comes at you with anger, do not leave your post—that is, don’t bail, don’t run, don’t hide. In other words, stay put, stay strong, and stay resolute.

The next phrase is also very important. Stay at your post and remain calm. Don’t fight fire with fire. Don’t trade insult for insult. Don’t up the ante or the conflict or the rhetoric. If we do, the situation will only escalate, which often leads to ears shutting down and mouths becoming unleashed. When we remain calm, it’s like a circuit breaker, which allows tempers to cool, minds to clear, and words to moderate.

Today’s scripture contains much good advice, but the Christian life isn’t just about good advice; it’s also about good news.

How can we remain at our post and stay calm? On our own, not many of us always do, for we get triggered, riled up, and can lose it. But here’s the good news: We are not on our own. We have Jesus at our side.

Although there were times and occasions when Jesus faced insults and anger, and treachery, He never left His post. Although He sometimes became agitated, angry, frustrated, and impatient, Jesus remained—nearly always—calm.

I encourage us to see and feel and know that Jesus is at our side. With Him at our side, we can remain at our post and strong in our commitments. And with Jesus at our side, we can remain calm—knowing that we belong to Him and that He will sustain and strengthen us no matter the circumstances or challenges.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Are there any situations in your life where today’s words are directly applicable?
  1. When people come to you with anger, how do you usually respond? Is how you usually respond helpful or hurtful, constructive or destructive? How might you need to change?
  1. What would help you to remember that with Jesus always at your side, you can weather any storm, deal with any conflict, handle any attack, and remain strong in your post?

2 thoughts on “Jesus is at Our Side

  1. Gregg

    And fighting back with fire never makes me feel any better.
    A “wow, I see why you would feel that way” always calms me and disarms the situation, like rapidly deflating a balloon.
    Great message and a timely reminder.
    Thank you Jim.

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