The Reverend Jim Nutter has been inspiring thousands of people on a regular basis, as a Pastor, mentor and counselor during life’s most challenging moments.  He is widely- regarded as a most gifted and inspirational speaker and writer.

In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious John Hines Award by the Virginia Theological Seminary, for the most outstanding Sermon of the Year: “Prodigious Love.” Named in honor of the former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, John Hines (VTS ’33), the award celebrates the ministry of preaching and its importance in our Church by recognizing outstanding sermons that are deeply grounded in scripture and focused on the seen and unseen needs of the worshipping community, the nation and the world.

Jim’s experience helping individuals at their most challenging life moments over the course of his career makes his “Encouragements” and “Notes on Hope” ring true.  These are not musings from the ivory tower, but real-life stories and inspirations based on a spiritual and Christ-based approach to helping people.